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We transform and digitalize your current operations with custom software solutions that we develop for you from scratch by using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

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Having designed, built and migrated large enterprise systems and APIs, we know that the success of a software project crucially depends on the team that develops the application. Our team consists of highly skilled developers, project managers and analysts that provide you with the best solutions available to ensure your project stays scalable and future-proof.

Software Development


We are specialized in both frontend and backend development. Our focus is to develop high performance single-page applications that connect to modern REST APIs or Web Sockets. Our developers are professionals with a variety of frameworks and programming languages.


We are well experienced and equiped with the latest DevOps technologies and strategies to help you build stable, performant and especially managable software solutions. Our expertise encompasses aspects of continous integration, containerization, automated testing, Infrastructure-as-a-service and cloud hosting.

UI/UX Design

Good design and user experience is the key to a highly accepted and adopted software solution. Therefore our designers strive for minimalistic and clean interfaces that look great and are easy to understand. We make it easy for your users to start right ahead and be productive.

Customized Software

General solutions are insufficient for your dynamic company requirements? We will gladly help you develop a customized solution. This way you might save license fees, score with efficiency and obtain a clear competitive advantage.

Whether independently or directly integrated into your consisting team, we passionately realize software-systems, establishing a foundation to advance with innovation.

Reporting-tools & data-mining

Process management

Employee administration

Resource planning


Invoicing tools

Customer administration

... and numerous others



Our core competency lies in the development of software systems based on the latest web-technologies. Therefore and above all, we attain platform independent solutions for nearly every area of application, which consequently enables you to easily access your data over the cloud from everywhere, be it with your smartphone, tablet or desktop-pc.

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About us

As a technology agency, we know that technology is going to improve our future. Changing the way we live and especially work. But it is not just the technology itself that brings this change, it is the way we use it and whether we are going creative and new paths that really target the core of a business problem. This is what Avetiq is doing. We develop different kinds of innovative large-scale applications used by companies from the global shipping, insurance, finance and oil-industry. Among them ERP-systems, real-time applications and coordination- & communication tools.

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Chief business development officer

At Avetiq we work hard to improve our knowledge and skill-sets continuously beside our daily business. We know technologies evolve every day and that is why our minds have to do so as well. Staying up-to-date with the newest technologies requires hard work and passion – and you will find those character traits in every member of our company. We connect our minds and skills with your domain-knowledge and vision to build the application that truly solves your business challenges.

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Supporting your local IT

Is your in-house IT-team overloaded or lacks the required technological know-how to make your product vision reality? Let us support you by providing you with a team of dedicated, highly-skilled developers, which will work hand-in-hand together with your local team. Our developers are not just programmers, they also understand your business needs and can make technical-design decisions based on your specific business situation.

Our approach: AGILE

Through the usage of agile methods, we are not only achieving high productivity, but are also capable of delivering incrementally accessible milestones. With complete transparency we iterate together with our customers over each of the mentioned steps until a satisfactory solution is reached.

Analysis & Scoping

Our dedicated project managers and consultants will help you to transform your vision into a solid and estimable specification. By analyzing all information we create a detailed list of requirements, which can be reviewed and estimated together with a full-stack developer.


Based on your personal preferences we design your frontend by creating mockups, which can be reviewed and improved step by step. These mockups will serve as visual templates for the frontend developers.


Additionally to our automated tests, we test the software manually once again together with our specialized QA team. Thereby we make sure, that your software exactly matches your vision and satisfies the end-users.


Generally, the most extensive part of each software project is the actual implementation. And this is where we shine: Fast processes, clean code, iterative and testable results. By using the latest continuous deployment strategies, we provide early-stage beta access, so you can monitor the progress and give us the right feedback on time.

Hand over & Maintenance

When the software solution reaches its final state, we hand it over to you by providing all the necessary information and training sessions you need, to get started with your product.

What sets us apart?

Agile processes

By using modern agile processes we develop the product in close collaboration with the product owner and are able to quickly adjust to new requirements and change requests.

Transparent prices

Our transparent and fair pricing model allows you to plan and estimate your costs based on monthly sprint-plannings, reports and predefined milestones. You define what you need, we plan it together and estimate time and costs for your specific use case.

Newest technologies

We always go with the best available technologies on the market to make sure, that your solutions are future-proof. Together with you we discuss and choose the right technology for your project so you stay up-to-date.

User Experience

Together with our professional and experienced designers we create highly usable interfaces for your application. Thereby reducing the time you would have to invest in training, software documentation or end-user support.

High performance

Our team resembles the optimized and fast operating software systems we build: It is able to perform continuously on the highest level.

Great support

We are always ready to support you. Not just during the development phase, but also after your software has been released. You can count on us.


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